You Are Getting Sleepy (& hungry)

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Mission

Good morning, how are you feeling this fine morning; are you tired?

When I wake up (usually 5a.m.) I am ready to go, ready for whatever the day holds for me. My energy upon waking up swiftly rises to greet me.

If it would only last.

Five hours later I feel the stare begin and I slowly succumb to the lullaby. My readiness has burned off & I’m looking for help getting to 11:30a.m. when I typically go for lunch.

Some days I fend off the call to go to the vending machine. Others I float over and sacrifice $2-3 to the junk food gods.

A similar dance occurs in the mid-afternoon.

My need, how to eat/behave in a manner that keeps my energy near-constant dawn to dusk.

Share how you avoid the energy-drain lullaby?

  1. ewa says:

    I find that carbs unless I burn them off right away make me sluggish. It does not matter if they are whole grain or pure sugar, they just bring me down fast.
    Ever since I switched to paleo way of eating (and I am not really militant about it) I have more energy and don’t crush anymore. Oh, another benefit, no cavities for the past number of years. Not even one. It did not use to be like that.

  2. Amanda says:

    I am NOT a morning person. I wake up sluggish and unready to face the day. I get better as the day goes on. Usually about 1:30 pm, a couple hours after lunch, I start feeling a little sluggish again and then a piece of fruit does the trick. I envy people who wake up perky and rarin’ to go. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hmmm paleo, guess I need to read up on it

  4. My problem with fruit is I can’t eat just 1 piece, good fruit is addicting… I once ate a whole watermelon by myself I’m 1 sitting

  5. I am a mini meal eater & Patrick, you can find things you can take with you & eat at your desk. For me, a person that loves to eat & when I finish, I am still thinking about the next one, this works for me better than when I did the 3 meal a day thing. I know I am going to eat every 2-3 hours & that works for me. I like a mixture of protein, healthy carbs & healthy fats cause protein helps fill you up & so does healthy fat. The thing about this is you have to plan it out AND know what you are taking in. Some that try mini meals end up eating too many calories cause they don’t pay attention to that BUT for me, since I started this a lot of years ago – I love it!

  6. I always try and keep snacks with me. Usually stuff that I can portion out and just snack away. Lately I have been loving veggies dipped in hummus or guac. Sometimes almonds and a cheese string help keep me going thought the afternoon. I find if I don’t stay hydrated throughout the day I struggle with afternoon snacking as well!

  7. Tish says:

    Yep, I know that lullabye and the siren song of the office vending machines (or, now that I’m retired, the chocolate chips in the freezer!). What works for me is protein and fiber. Pre-filled snack size ziplocks with almonds and dried apricots are a favorite. Or a cheese stick and an apple. Or even some cubed pieces of leftover meat or chicken from last night’s dinner and an orange. The head knowledge that this is a good snack, not just a “treat,” helps me last through until the next planned meal.

  8. Mini meal eating is certainly a way to approach eating for the mind that is always thinking about the next meal. Planning of course, is a must or the change will be a bust!

  9. Water, water is the best diuretic and means to curb hunger between meals; must keep my water in hand!

  10. Yes, more advice about planning; I need to hear it until it sticks and I make it a regular part of my approach.

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