Butter Up Buttercup

Posted: July 12, 2012 in Mission

This summer has been a hot mess for the past couple of weeks, not much debating that. Of course debate away if you must.

Summer still rocks and there are many reasons it does. Fresh corn is one of those many reasons. Last night seven ears of just that made their way home with us.

Ashley was more than thrilled at the addition to our dinner menu. So much so she couldn’t wait to spread cold butter on her corn with a knife. Oh no, she just got a handful of butter and slathered it on by hand. Have to like her resourcefulness no matter how crude it may have been.

We’re Minneapolis bound this afternoon. Our son has a soccer tourney up in the land of a zillion lakes this weekend. Teams from around the globe will be in this tourney. A team from Norway is amongst those our son will play.

While the tourney will be fun in some ways, Minneapolis will be fun in many others. Ever been there? Good place for a weekend away.

Of course we have to mind ourselves while away. The temptations for gluttony will be many. Many many pounds await the chance to meld to my frame. Whether they do or not is my choice.

My aim is to choose to avoid them.

What is your aim this Thursday?

  1. Miz says:

    my AIM is PATIENCE AND KINDNESS to others
    and to others I mean my ‘now working from home husband’ 🙂

  2. A working from home husband can have many ” benefits “,… enjoy 😉

  3. I love corn but my bod does not! 😉 Have fun & yes, it is all about choices! Me, my aim is to enjoy my rest days from the gym & also to focus on moving forward outside the gym life…

  4. Rest is fun too, enjoy your rest 🙂

  5. Amanda says:

    Mmmm…fresh corn is one of my favs!! My aim this Thursday is to find motivation to hit the gym after work.

  6. The gym is yours to be had, enjoy!

  7. maryfran says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE corn on the cob (we had it last night!)

    Today my aim is just to make it through this day in one piece!!!!! (without somehow blowing my eating)

  8. No blowing of the eating allowed… write that on your forehead and carry a hand mirror with you all day 🙂

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