Fur In Your Face

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Mission

Cats get right in your face when they want to. Nacho here is good for getting close and telling it like it is, whether you are ready for him or not.

Last night he read me the riot act for having a square of dark chocolate. I was fending off a sweet attack that measured 6.3 on the cocoa scale and thought I made a heathy choice. But Nacho didn’t see it that way.

For punishment he would not get off my lap for 30 minutes. He just sat there and stared, laid down but kept staring. I suggested a web site for him on a heart healthy study about dark chocolate, he didn’t care.

Still I should be grateful that he is looking out for me. Ideally anyone we look to for advice, we’d like to believe they know what they are saying, else they might be less than helpful. Although even those who give bad or uneducated advice can give us reason to pause and think about the choices before us.

So appreciate all who would lend a helping word, stare, or hand. Take it in, and use it in anyway you can for the better. As long as their intent is genuine, you have something you can leverage in facing choices.

Who gets in your face when they think you need it?

  1. I love the cat & the post!!! Many don’t like a dose of reality & some can’t handle weight loss that way but I think at times, some just need to hear it! 😉

  2. MaryFran says:

    Nacho is a good cheerleader. My cats get on my lap and stare until I OPEN the bag of chips (they love chips). LOL

    I have a group of accountability friends that I set up for myself. They all jump in and keep me accountable!!!

  3. LOL, cats that eat chips, awesome. Ours eat allot of stuff one would not expect a cat to eat. Fave example is jello

  4. Yes, we need to hear from others to validate what we are telling ourselves

  5. Amanda says:

    My doc is the one who gives me my wake up call when I need it. But honestly, I’m probably my own harshest critic.

  6. The issue with using doc for that voice, my opinion, is how infrequently we get to hear it.

  7. I need a cat like that. No, I’m allergic. Maybe a growling dog. Great post!

  8. Big dog, like Great Dane??

  9. Amanda says:

    Good point. Those of us WLS see ours more often so I think it works better for us than those who just have annual physicals. 🙂

  10. Ah yes, i wasn’t thinking from the WLS perspective; better point made by you 🙂

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