Up Up & Weigh Down

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Mission

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes, very much appreciated!

The building I work in is three stories, I work on the third floor. Yet over the past half year I’ve slumped into taking the elevator up and down every time I must go up or down. Two flights of stairs doesn’t sound like much, certainly doesn’t look like much, but once again those two flights take me to a state of being winded with lungs laboring for several minutes. Gasping for air sucks. Masking the fact that you are gasping from others sucks even more.

Therefore I choose to recommit to taking the stairs. Tackling them head on is the only way I know to stop stairs from sucking. So I’ll just climb them more and more until I gasp less and less.

Got a change you’ve made, or need to make, you want to share with me and all eyes that lurk here?

  1. ewa says:

    I love taking stairs especially those adjacent to escalators. For some silly reason I find it funny that I am always making it faster to the top than people riding the escalator. I know, escalators are sloooow but still.
    I never park close to the entrance.
    I bike whenever I can. These days my bike is practically always in the back of my car and, if time allows, I will purposely park a few miles from my destination and bike there.

  2. Now that is a healthy attitude you have dialed in.

  3. YES Patrick PLUS works the legs & butt (glutes) – your wife will thank you! 😉

  4. LOL, anything I can do for her 🙂

  5. Tish says:

    You could start by always taking the stairs DOWN! LOL, that’s what I do. Always. That way if you have to arrive in the office or at an appointment “pristine,” you can, but when you’re leaving, and it doesn’t matter how red in the face or puffing you are, you take the stairs.

  6. Amanda says:

    I stole a lot of your lifestyle changes early on. I only take the stairs now (up 4 flights sometimes. Eek! Still gasp.) and no fast food (this one is SO hard for me). The biggest change for me though is no soda…at all. I’ve got carbonation issues but I love Coca Cola so it’s been tough to give up. Proud of you for going back to taking the stairs.

  7. maryfran says:

    AWESOME! Great challenge/change that you can do and benefit from. The heavy breathing will disapate very quickly! Soon you’ll be charging up those stairs with a pep and vigor and get to the top and will be amazed that you are not even out of breath a bit!!!! YOU GO!

  8. Lori says:

    I think you’ll be surprised how quickly you adapt to taking the steps. Soon going to the elevator won’t enter your mind. The windedness will be a thing of the past.

    I made a promise to myself years ago, that rather than calling a co-worker I would walk to that person’s desk. It is such an ingrained habit now, that I I was training my replacement, I told her to go to someone’s desk and ask a question. She wanted to know why she couldn’t just call that person. THAT is when I realized I never even give it a thought.

  9. Down is easier on the lungs but harder in the joints… I just gotta do both up down and if possible sideways

  10. Kicking soda is soon to be a change of mine, I only drink diet soda but I can’t imagine it does me any benefit other than caffeine boosts when dragging

  11. pep and vigor are the dynamic duo I need to come to my rescue!

  12. Visiting co workers in person is much better fit business too… Chaps my hide when a co worker 15 feet away sends me an instant message or email.

  13. Miz says:

    OM committing to sticking with yoga!

  14. Togs toga toga, oh wait u said yoga

  15. jo says:

    Patrick, this is one of the main things that contributed to my 30-lb weight gain. I left a job where I took the stairs several times a day, for a job where I was located on the first floor. In looking back, this was something I should have compensated for in some way. Live and learn. Take the stairs. Always.

  16. Stairs are our friends, they don’t look pretty but they are friendly

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