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Posted: July 5, 2012 in Mission

Someone at work said something that sent my mind racing back english class in high school. To inspire us to write what we see we were challenged to take a random photo, and write about it. The challenge was to not describe what the picture contained, but to communicate what the message in the photo was.

Ok, I could do that back in the day. So what about today? Can I still do that but also add to the challenge the need to add a perspective of health and wellness? Why don’t we find out.

To aid my challenge I found a random picture generator online and put it to use. I must confess I did not use the first randomly generated picture, it way too politically charged and I try very hard to keep my politics off this site. The picture above was the second random photo. Talk about serving me a fastball right down the middle of the plate (a baseball reference for any readers from Iceland).

Smoking Stinks! Back in grade school we participated in a program by that name aimed at preventing us from entertaining the idea of picking up the habit. Living in a home with two parents who smoked, that program made for some awkward conversations which brought out the hypocrite in everyone.

Why advertising like this works is difficult for me to understand. This piece in particular appears to have weak appeal in my eyes. First, has anyone in the history of everything ever looked at an ad such as this and decided to give smoking a try as it may be just what they’ve been missing? Clearly if you cannot smile while you walk and do so with two happy-hotties in tow, then you must smoke Triumph!

Has such an ad caused a smoker to switch brands because all of the sudden they realized their brand of choice was not doing the job? Sadly, while I find it mind-blowing that either question could be answered yes. Yet I have no doubt that yes is clearly the answer as ads like this still run today albeit with much less saturation.

Over thirty years later, there is no doubt that smoking ruins ones health and negatively impacts the quality of life of those around them. The models in this advertisement knew it then, and their parents thirty years before had a hunch smoking may be less than healthy. Thirty years from now their will still be smokers and advertising targeted at generating greater use of tobacco products. Although I have to imagine, and hope, the numbers of each will have shrunk to fewer than the number of shortstops in Reykjavik.

Final thought, who ever dressed like that? Was it a thing in the 80’s to dress head to toe in beige? If so, like smoking, I missed the urge to adopt the habit.

Pic credit: http://www.eatliver.com/random.php

  1. Very interesting concept – pick a picture & write. I am old enough to remember all the crazy cigarette ads!!! Never hooked me in for sure! My mom smoked & it drove me crazy & never wanted to smoke – no ad could make me want that! As for clothes – don’t get me started with some of what I wore way back then! 😉

  2. In a few years we will be cringing looking at today’s fashion but since I have never been into clothes I really don’t mind looking at what I wore in the past.

    As for advertising, they know what they are doing. There are subtle messages that work on subconscious level in every add. Here: happiness, friendship, activity shared, affluence, attractiveness, the list can go on and on. The goal is to plant the seed, that’s all.
    It is no different with food adds.

  3. Oh we very much want to hear & see what you wore way back in the day!

  4. Well I am all for free markets, but the shenanigans played on us by marketing science can chap my Irish sides at times.

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