Sooo Zzzz

Posted: June 29, 2012 in Miscellaneous

I am so tired today. If I weren’t at work, I’d be home in bed napping the morning away.

Last nights sleep was awful, just terrible. Slept 2.474 hours at most. Not sure why. Well, I ate late yesterday, that probably had something todo with it. Otherwise, I think I’m putting allot of pressure on myself to get my health-game back and it’s not coming as fast as desired.

Regardless, my attitude is good today. Sluggish but good. Whatever it is that hindered last nights slumber, a good day of eating and a good nights sleep is the remedy I’m going with.

How goes your Friday?

  1. Welcome to the world of insomniacs. Well, I hope not but I know how you feel. Don’t even ask what time it was when I went for my run yesterday and today.
    Hope you get a good night sleep today.

  2. Thanks, but the insomnia club is not a club I want to join. Sweet dreams 🙂

  3. Patrick – PATIENCE & CONSISTENCY. Don’t stress yourself out. It takes time to lose…. just take it day by day.. baby steps. :_)

  4. Losing weight can be stressful, patience is the anti drug for stress

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