Embrace Enable Enjoy

Posted: June 28, 2012 in Mission

When I was a young adult I didn’t have an appreciation for attitude and it’s role in success. After a trio of decades I began to acknowledge how a positive and aggressive attitude could make the difference in the results in teams at work. Applying the right attitude injects ability into that which is worth doing.

For me, experience was needed for that realization to emerge. In my fourth decade I discovered the application of attitude also works at home. An attitude of respect and appreciation applied at home launches our contribution to each other and emboldens our courage to overcome the trials of marriage and family.

In my fifth decade I now understand, finally, that it is attitude more than anything which I can leverage to become better as a person. Finally, I get it. Attitude has been the key to every professional and relationship success I have enjoyed.

Attitude is what will see me succeed in my quest for wellness. Attitude more so than the technique I apply in my quest; more so than action plan I adopt, more so than the knowledge I summon to my cause; Attitude when embraced changes impossible into inevitable.

Embrace your Attitude.
Enable desired Change.
Enjoy being in Charge.


  1. Amanda says:

    Here, here! i think so many get caught up in the details of a plan. You need look no further than articles on health that contradict eachother constantly. Is it better to work out in the morning or night? Low fat or low carb? Vegan vs omnivorous? The truth is it can all work if you have the right attitude towards it. Great post!

  2. Embrace your Attitude.
    Enable desired Change.
    Enjoy being in Charge.

    OK – I AM THERE! Love your attitude!

  3. My comment to this is on your FB page.

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