Allow Me A Change Redux

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Mission

Good evening. Change is on my mind this evening. Getting my head back into proper attitude is the paramount change I need to achieve. Without attitude, dreams remain only wishes. And you can’t wish away the pounds.

Quick question, how many changes do I have to make to bring about the results I seek? Certainly there is more than 1 that I should make. Heck, if there was only 1 change I needed to make to pull this off then this would be a snap, wouldn’t it? Truth is I don’t know how many changes I need to make. But, I figure I need to make a couple of behavioral changes to go with the attitude change.

Here is a no brainer:

A fast food meal alone is not the evil that some would have you believe. But when it becomes a regular part of your diet, the sum of that behavior has evil results. I am obese because I chose to make bad decisions when it came time to decide what to eat.

Fast food is definitely a contributing factor of my obesity. I chose to allow fast food to be a factor to my obesity, and, now I chose that it will no longer be a factor. From this day forward I shall absolutley no longer trade dollars for unhealthy calories at fast food restaurants.

  1. Patrick – the ingredients are addicting to the bod… we are all here for you if you need help! REALLY!!!!!! It does all come down to our choices BUT there is nothing wrong in asking for help! 🙂

  2. Tish says:

    That’s a great start. Didn’t you used to have a list of positive behaviors in your sidebar? One that I find useful, and not too hard, is to drink 8+ glasses of water a day. Good to hear from you!

  3. Good to hear from you Patrick. I am unable to eat fast food responsibly so for now I need to stay away. I had been doing great for seven weeks, but week eight is a struggle. I allowed myself some flexibility which turned into more flexibility and so on. Tomorrow, I refocus so that I don’t unravel the recent successes. Good luck my friend, you can do this!

  4. Hey you:) Just imagine how much you can do for yourself and your body with that one simple change!

  5. Tish, thanks for the tip; water is without a doubt an important part of weight loss

  6. Tammy, consistency or momentum is our friend when we have it. When we lose it, the simple advice is to look ahead and regain it quickly. Yet that can be so much harder to do than one cares to admit, definitely where I am now; fighting to get back to back days of momentum.

  7. Karen, a single change can be as silent as a whisper at a concert, or, louder than the concert itself. It’s volume, impact, depends on the attitude we put behind that change. I need this change to be very loud!

  8. Hey, I missed you! Good luck with the fast food. It’ll be hard but so totally worth it. You can do it. 🙂

  9. Hi KC, yep, we are worth making good choices!

  10. LaniePainie says:

    McDonald’s is my weakness. So delicious, cheap and convenient. . . . mmmmmmmm

  11. Dollar menus are so convenient and sooo not good for me

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