Declare It

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Mission

Declaring that Tuesday Will Be Better Than Monday!

Monday was Good, not Fantastic, but definitely Good.

So if Tuesday is better than Monday, I too am better; no?

Keeping it simple as I edge my mind back to where it needs to be to do what I know I must do.


What are you declaring today?

  1. ewa says:

    It WILL be better.
    Small steps, remember? Small steps.

  2. Karen Ogle says:

    I will limit my carbs EVERY DAY beginning today.

  3. anne h. says:

    A good quote I love:
    Inch by inch, anything is a cinch.
    Yard by yard, anything is hard!
    Especially for a slow-one like me!

  4. Amanda says:

    I will work out today. There: Declared.

  5. Hi Patrick – busy day to day so just getting to reading & commenting to blogs. baby steps are fine Patrick! All is good!

  6. Dr. J says:

    I told you long ago that if you do not change the types of foods that you eat and are addicted to your diet efforts would fail. I stand by that recommendation.

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