Tuesday What Was That?

Posted: January 31, 2012 in Mission

Yesterday I was asked what’s the food I dislike the most? Brussel Sprouts, I never grew up to like them.

This past weekend I overhead one treadmill rider ask another what they looked forward to most about exercising? As if written in a comedy skit the answer rider put on her headphones and said “blocking out others while I run”. I almost fell off my treadmill.

Last week I asked someone why they eat low carb in the winter and don’t eat on a plan in summer? His reply was odd and wordy, the essence was he never exercises so cycling on and off dieting help him maintain his weight (he is at least 50# over ideal).

Today I’ll ask you this, do you find the thoughts (answers to questions) from others seeking to get fit as odd or funny as I do at times?

Seriously us seekers of health do ask allot of questions, and we answer more than we ask. Losing weight is serious work but from the observers seats it must look comedic at times if not often.

  1. That treadmill one cracked me up – brutal honesty! 🙂

    I do find some questions pretty funny BUT the thing that gets me most is those so often asked questions over & over like how many sit-ups do I have to do to get abs & see them & we all know it is food that less us see them or should I say the right amount of food & type of food. 🙂

    I have to keep reminding myself that I was there once too! 🙂

  2. OMG, the tradmill-ers response. whoa.
    I think we’re all nuts–just in different ways 😉

  3. Caron says:

    Agree with Kerri on the “we’re all nuts” comment. I read so many blogs where I wish I could really get their attention but I can’t. I posted on one blog after reading paragraph after paragraph of “Should I get a cupcake since I’m driving past my favorite bakery or should I leave it off.” I said I would leave it off and stay on plan. The next day I saw that she had enjoyed the cupcake and didn’t feel guilty and so forth. Fine, but she isn’t losing weight either. Sigh.

  4. Amanda says:

    That made me laugh! I’m sure an observer would find not only things we say, but the lengths we go to in order to lose weight, quite comical. All kinds of exercise equipment we’ll buy (gravity boots anyone?) and the diets we’ll try (cabbage soup, anyone?).

  5. Sometimes I read things in blogs that make me sit back and think, “huh?”

  6. ann says:

    Oh you wouldn’t believe some of the crap excuses and silly responses I get when I talk to people about diet and exercise. The stories I could tell you! One I remember that they increase smoking to 2 packs a day so they could lose those extra 1pounds! WTH???

  7. Miz says:

    yes yes yes
    we are all odd
    misfits 🙂
    and I love it.

  8. Roy Cohen says:

    “blocking out others while I run” Epic!

    From the perspective of a fitness trainer — a man who spend 60+ hours a week in his gym listening to sh#t nobody should be forced to hear:

    Questions about getting fit are always rooted in sincerity. Accepting the (honest) answers is usually rooted in rationalization. What gets me most, is often times the best side of the dialogue is from those seeking to get fit, and the leaders — those “in the know” most often can’t see beyond themselves.

  9. anne h says:

    Sometimes you can see the Nose growing from the Pinocchio lies…
    alot of people you can’t….. 50 pounds? that guy doesn’t know what LC is.
    Are we suddenly popular – and I missed it?

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