Dwell Me A Number

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Mission
2012 – January 26
Weight Jan. 1 302.4
Weight Today 291.5
Difference -10.9
Pounds to Goal 92.5

Ok, I was able to do some blog commenting yesterday. Only solution to my woes that worked was to log in to my blogger account for commenting on blogger blogs, and use my word press for all the rest. Only thing I don’t like about that is should someone click on my avatar from a blogger comment, it directs them to my old blog. Not the end of the world as my last post there is a redirect to my new word press blog, just seems like I am troubling the interested reader. But that will have to do for now.

Ok, my progress has been stalled for the most part here since grappling with this gout. It has subsided a good deal, enough I ought to get the exercise going again. And I really need to keep the daily calories at 1500 or less. Sometimes the BMR math just doesn’t add up and I wonder if its worth the science behind it.

My BMR is calculated at 2050, if I understand that right that is what I ought to be able to eat and just stay at the weight I am at. This is the calculator I used: http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/

If that is true them I ought to of shed at least a pound if not two last week while whining about my gout as I havent been eating at a 2050 clip day in and day out. Although I have been closer to 1800 on average.

My experience has been that when I hit a zone between 1200-1500, I can expect with confidence the weight will fall, especially if I am getting in some exercise. The risk at that range however is hunger messing with the mind and igniting a binge.

So to mitigate that risk, I believe I need to really look at the foods I am eating and make sure they are high quality foods in hopes they will do more to curb the hunger assault on the mind as well as just be better for my body.

This shouldn’t be so hard, and at times I believe I make it harder than it really is by dwelling on the numbers so deeply.

So here we go, off to enjoy my day and dwell on good choices.

Are you making your mission harder than it ought to be?

  1. Seems like 1500 to lose for a guy your size is kinda low…. I would think you could eat more calories & still lose but I guess it depends on how fast or slow you are going for.. maybe play around with it a bit & see what works..

    Glad you are better!

  2. Karen Ogle says:

    Enjoy your day, Patrick. 🙂

  3. Just going to have to experiment

  4. Likewise, Enjoy your day!

  5. ewa says:

    Just a thought that not all calories are created equal meaning not all we eat that we don’t expand in daily activities will be converted right away to fat. Read some of Gary Taubes. Maybe not all he writes adds up but it certainly makes you think http://www.nytimes.com/2002/07/07/magazine/what-if-it-s-all-been-a-big-fat-lie.html?pagewanted=all&src=pm
    I am with Jody on 1500 being a low number.
    And btw, it is never smooth sailing. Just keep your sails up and steer well. You’ll get there.

  6. Ok you are the second person to cite Taubes, obviously I need to go read there- thanks

  7. It was going around the blogs awhile ago…something to the effect that we misstate our calories by as much as 40% and that restaurant nutrition guides can be wildly off.

    I’m still all for tracking though…I just aimed much lower than my target knowing that likely I was consuming much higher than I logged.

  8. Good point, we can’t just take the numbers as presented to us at face value

  9. jo says:

    Patrick, I’m finding WordPress not very friendly. But know I am reading, even if I don’t always get to comment.

  10. Do you have a google account? I’m thinking I use that when I comment on some blogger blogs. I was going to start one on blogger so have an account there too but I don’t think things link back. Hmmm. I wonder how I do this!

  11. Ok, thanks for reading 🙂

  12. Blogger and google are one and the same so that works for blogger. My issue is commenting on blogger with the wordpress Id which it should do but sucks arse at

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