Daily Report for January 23, 2012

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Miscellaneous

Daily Report for January 23, 2012

Daily Log
Breakfast 109
Coffee, Brewed w/ Tap Water 12 Fluid ounces 4
Banana, Fresh, Med, 7″ To 7 7/8″ Long 1 Each 105
Lunch 381
Bread, Rye, Slice 2 Slices 165
Chicken, Broiler/Fryer, Breast, w/o Skin, Rstd 1 Each 142
Tomatoes, Fresh, Med ½ Each 11
Pickles, Dill, Slices 6 Each 5
Dressing, Mayonnaise, Light 1 Tablespoon 50
Onion, Vidalia, Fresh, Chpd ⅛ Cup 8
Dinner 898
Rice, Short Grain, Enrich, Mahatma 1 ¼ Cups 800
Lobster, Northern, Stmd 2 Ounces 56
Onion, Green, Chpd, Fresh 2 Tablespoons 2
Oil, Olive, Extra Virgin ⅓ Tablespoon 40
Snacks 390
Water, Purified, Dasani 34 Fluid ounces 0
Granola Thins, Nature Valley 2 Servings 160
Rold Gold Braided Pretzel Twists Honey Wheat, FL Rold Gold 1 Serving 230
Fat 26g 13%
Carbohydrates 315g 71%
Protein 69g 16%
Food Calories 1,778
Exercise Calories
Net Calories 1,778
+/- Calories 44
Weight 292

Hello folks, how is everyone doing? Well I hope.

Got home late yesterday after Sundays travels to take our daughter back to college. She is glad to be back at school, we of course wish she were back home.

Wasn’t able to get online this morning to post here. The day got away from me and before I knew it, the day was done.

Still eating higher carbs on purpose while my gout settles down. Saturday I broke down and get some meds to get this inflammation down. Doing better today. Hopefully tomorrow it’ll be better still and I can get back to exercise. Also picked up a maintenance med for once this attack is gone which is supposed to minimize recurrence.

How was your weekend and what’s on you list of conquests this week?

  1. teresa says:

    You are inspiring me again. I almost tracked calories today and didn’t. I know if I had, that I wouldn’t have succumbed to the donuts. I wouldn’t have wanted to mess up my chart.
    Lesson learned (again)
    So sorry about the gout! I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Tracking does help affirm accountability.

  3. Feel better Patrick!!! Glad you are least headed that way! I will conquer the gym in new ways!

  4. New ways huh, keeping it fresh is a good idea

  5. ewa says:

    Hope your gout goes away SOON!

    What weekend? There was a weekend? When? Have I missed it?

  6. ann says:

    Drink water, water, water. Gout sucks. Hope you’re better soon. I can’t let myself imagine my kiddo at college. We’re only 4y away…..sob.

  7. ann says:

    Oh…..and I tagged you today on my blog 😉

  8. Amanda says:

    I bet you miss your Squishy terribly when she’s gone. I’m glad the gout is doing better. My conquests this week? My first 5k of the year is on Saturday…should be fun!

  9. DB says:

    Hey I know you have had problems with gout and I also have problems with it. I was reading Gary Taubes the other day and he mentioned how raised levels of insulin can cause your body to release a lot of uric acid into the bloodstream. Now uric acid is what causes gout. He then later on reiiterated what I had noticed that insulin levels lead to gout, and how gout is a sympom of metabolic syndrome (i.e diabetes, obesity, heart disease, alzheimers etc). SOOOO maybe next time you get gout it may be worth going completely carbless and see how that works as it would seem increasing the carbs may be doing the opposite of what you want. Anyway I just wanted to pass that info along as when I read it I thought of you.

  10. Rumor was there was a weekend on the news, but can we trust what we see on tv?

  11. Time flies flies flies do plan for college while embracing every moment you can while they live at home

  12. Kick that 5k in the arse !

  13. Hmmm, definitely something to think about, thanks… I know low carb helps the blood chem numbers, need to research how it effects unix acid more

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