Eggs, Really?

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Mission
2012 – January 18
Weight Jan. 1 302.4
Weight Today 291.6
Difference -10.8
Pounds to Goal 92.6

Good Morning! Hope all are feeling well and strong today.

My sore throat persists and mood remains blah. Hey, it is winter, bugs will come and go. Soon this one will go and I’ll have my steam back.

 So today I woke up wondering who was the first person to look at an egg come out of a chicken and say “That looks like something I need to eat!”?

What are you thinking today?

  1. Allan says:

    How great to see you back at it… Love the tweets and am inspired !!!

  2. Karen Ogle says:

    Thinking about a movie I saw last night. Sometimes the stories of peoples lives stay with me as I try to see if there are lessons to be learned from them.

  3. Hope you get better soon & I can say that I was NOT thinking what you were thinking! 😉

  4. I always wonder about an artichoke. Who thought to eat that?

  5. Amanda says:

    Must’ve been a nutcase but then again…BRILLIANT! I totally stand by the “incredible, edible egg.”

  6. Julie says:

    Get better soon Patrick! Hope it’s not strep. That’s what my daughter had..was going around here.

    I was randomly thinking yesterday as I ate my salad (which I do enjoy the dark leafy greens but some hate) “I guess I can understand why some people might have a problem eating leaves…”

    I am glad someone thought to eat the eggs though because hardboiled eggs and egg whites are a major staple for me!

  7. LOL! Oh. My. Must have been one of those adventurous eaters.
    Hope you feel better soon!!

  8. Munchberry says:

    Found you via Waisting Time!

    I too wonder about what made the first person eat an egg. I am still wondering about the draw of bird’s nest soup.

    Congrats on the weight loss!

  9. Carla says:

    I hope you feel better soon Patrick! Maybe you should be resting and not out shoveling snow… 😉

  10. Caron says:

    Had to be a REALLY hungry person. I can’t/won’t do raw eggs. 🙂

  11. ann says:

    I’m thinking that I’m sorry you have a sore throat. That you crack me up. That maybe you should see a doctor. That you and I wonder about some of the same stuff.

  12. I’m guessing we eat things that we see others eat first. Like every other weird food origin, lobsters, eggs, oysters, etc., I think early man first saw an animal enjoying it and figured whats good for the goose-a-saurus is good for the man-there.

  13. Hey Allan, glad to see your name pop up here, hope all is well, I’ll stop by your blog this evening

  14. As long as the movie isn’t Little Porkies you can likely find a correlating storie in most movies

  15. Ok… So what were you thinking?

  16. Yeah, that’s one ugly looking veggie, nasty too (my opinion )

  17. Sometimes nut cases get it right too then i suppose

  18. Yeah I’d be lost too if society shunned eggs as not food worthy

  19. Thanks, and think that there must have been someone who tried eating dirt, and was brave enough to spread the word that we ought never do what he did

  20. Hi, thanks for stopping by… Ugh, bird nest soup! May as well be bird poop soup

  21. Well, I can’t argue with that logic… Need to hire me a neighbor kid to do that

  22. Raw eggs not big on my diet either, but I do make Caesar dressing with raw egg once in a blue moon

  23. At the dentist right now wondering what makes a person want to spend their days with their fingers in other folks mouths

  24. Hmmm goose-a-saurus, that sounds like a tasty meal; ever tried it?

  25. Jim Purdy says:

    Forget the first egg-eater. What was wrong with the first person who ate broccoli? Broccoli is not fit for human consumption.

  26. Broc does look like bad news waiting to fall upon anyone who touches

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