Daily Report for January 9, 2012

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Miscellaneous

Daily Report for January 9, 2012

Daily Log
Breakfast 58
Coffee, Brewed w/ Tap Water 8 Fluid ounces 2
Milk, Nonfat/Skim, w/ Add Vit A & D ⅔ Cup 56
Lunch 304
Lettuce, Iceberg, Fresh, Shred 1 Cup 10
Fish, Tuna, White, w/ Water, Drained, Can 3 Ounces 109
Eggs, Hard Bld, Lrg 2 Each 155
Oil, Olive, Extra Virgin ¼ Tablespoon 30
Sauce, Wings Sauce, Buffalo, Frank’s Redhot 1 Tablespoon 0
Dinner 293
Beef, Corned, w/ Natural Juices, Dak 4 ⅓ Ounces 260
Lettuce, Iceberg, Fresh, Shred 2 Cups 20
Sauce, Wings Sauce, Buffalo, Frank’s Redhot 1 Tablespoon 0
Strawberries, Fresh, Sliced ¼ Cup 13
Snacks 590
Water, Purified, Dasani 81 Fluid ounces 0
Nuts, Cashews, Salted, Planters 1 Ounce 160
Bar, Granola, Oat’s ‘N Honey, Nature Valley 2 Pieces 190
Banana, Fresh, Med, 7″ To 7 7/8″ Long 1 Each 105
Roasted Almond Butter, MaraNatha 1 ½ Tablespoons 135
Exercise 83
Stairmaster 5 min 83
Fat 64g 44%
Carbohydrates 90g 28%
Protein 89g 27%
Food Calories 1,245
Exercise Calories 83
Net Calories 1,162
+/- Calories -598
Weight 296

After yesterday’s over-eating-a-thon, I was not hungry at all today. Felt blah mist if the because of it too. And after some good workouts this weekend it was a planned day of rest so no exercise.

Tonight after work I made the family an awesome homemade corned beef hash, sorry no photos were taken. Other than a small taste during cooking to ensure it was in fact awesome, omg beyond awesome to be arrogantly honest; my dinner plate enjoyed just 4’ish ounces of the beef itself after trimming the fat off.

Tomorrow includes exercise and we’ll look to get a good sweat going!

  1. Roy Cohen says:

    Win 3 days out of 5, and you will win the war. Win 4 days out of 5, and you’ll win it sooner. Win 5 days out of 5, and you’ll have no contrast. Slow and steady….

  2. Winning the war is the only acceptable result

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