Morning Walk

Posted: January 8, 2012 in Exercise

Brrr, twenty something degrees this morning. I wanted some real walking, not treadmill walking, so brrr it is…

  1. I lied, it is only 19° out this morning.

  2. Julie says:

    19/20 something..what’s the diff??? 🙂 Enjoy your walk! Gonna be in the 50s again in NH!! Unbelievable..

  3. The walk was great; 2.25 miles on a crisp but gorgeous morning. Should get up to an unseasonal 40+ here today, gotta like that. Enjoy NH’s 50+ and your Sunday!

  4. Karen Ogle says:

    Good for you, Patrick. You are braver than me. The cold really gets to me these days. I will be trying to hit the treadmill later today.

  5. Enjoy the treadmill, make it happy to see you 🙂

  6. YES Patrick!!!! Here it can get to ythe mid 30’s to high 30’s in the winter which is cold for CA but I still bundle up & out I go! 🙂

  7. ewa says:

    Cold is good for you. Body has to burn tons of calories to keep you warm. Wishing you more cold walks in the future. 😉

  8. Really, I did not know that, great to know; thanks

  9. Amanda says:

    I’m about to make you feel soooo jealous. I did my weekend run at 7:30 in the a.m. and it was like 60 degrees. I wore long sleeves so I wouldn’t be too cold. LOL!

  10. Rip those sleeves off and send them to me!

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