Daily Report for January 8, 2012

Posted: January 8, 2012 in Mission

Daily Report for January 8, 2012

Daily Log
Breakfast 175
Strawberries, Fresh, Sliced ⅔ Cup 35
Banana, Fresh, Med, 7″ To 7 7/8″ Long 1 Each 105
Mandarin Oranges, Clementine, Fresh 1 Each 35
Lunch 1,021
Beef, Ground, Hamburger Patty, Brld, 20% Fat 5 Ounces 384
Venison Sausage 6 Ounces 339
Salad, Potato, Prep f/ Recipe ⅔ Cup 238
Beans, Green, Fresh ½ Cup 17
Oil, Olive, Extra Virgin ¼ Tablespoon 30
Cranberries, Dried, Sweetened, Craisins ⅛ Package 12
Snacks 1,495
Water, Purified, Dasani 77 Fluid ounces 0
Nuts, Almonds, Whole 12 Each 83
Cheese, String 3 Servings 240
Crackers, Ritz, Nabisco Ritz 12 Pieces 192
Snack, Cheetos, Puffs 3 Ounces 480
Pie, Chocolate, French Silk, Classic Cream Favorites, Mrs. Smith’s 1 Slice 500
Exercise 187
Walking 40 min 187
Fat 163g 54%
Carbohydrates 195g 29%
Protein 112g 17%
Food Calories 2,691
Exercise Calories 187
Net Calories 2,504
+/- Calories 750
Weight 295

Yeah, I’m, honesty being the best policy, there you see my Sunday eats. Family gathering at bro/sis-in-laws to celebrate some family birthdays for January and watch football. Simply, honestly, I let my want emotions tackle my need senses and over ate. Could it have been way worse; yes. Could it have been way better; yes!

Chin up, next micro goal is to get a great night sleep and arise with healthy ways on my mind.

  1. Patrick – one of the hardest things – learning to say no at family & friend get togethers… if we said yes to every one we went to – well, at the end of the year we would be the same weight or heavier. Not saying every so often is bad but to many parties & gatherings thru the year to say yes. I have written many post on “special occasions” if you want to search my site….

  2. ewa says:

    Stumbles will happen, not every day will be perfect. Good you are taking responsibility for what happened. Now just keep on following your plan.

  3. Roy Cohen says:

    “Every time you put a piece of food to your mouth, one of two signals goes off:

    1) This is good for me and I’m going to eat it.
    2) This is NOT good for me and I’m going to eat it anyway.

    After that, it’s all about choices.” me

    “Everyone has a plan until the get punched in the face” Mike Tyson

    I think this is a good time to punch back! Wishing you much success in the coming year…

  4. Karen Ogle says:

    Slips and bad choices happen, Patrick. Just get back on the wagon tomorrow. I wish you the best. 🙂

  5. Miz says:

    youre back and youre so so so focused.

    here’s to a great week for all of us!

  6. Special occsasions certainly need special handling, indeed i will take you up on reading your previous posts on the topic, thanks!

  7. Responsibility, gotta have it, otherwise I’ll have obesity forever

  8. Well said Roy… Gotta play for #1 and pucnh back to ensure it!

  9. Hopping up onto wagon as we speak

  10. Focus focus focus, gonna focus until it is finally clear

  11. Amanda says:

    It happens. Sounds like you’re brushing yourself off and getting back to it. We can do this!

  12. I am not staying down and out over this, no way!

  13. Deb says:

    You know, I think it’s sometimes good to have these stumbles along the way. That way, you get the experience in recovering from it. It’s too easy to give up if you’re perfect for months and then have a bit of a backslide. It’s all about getting the experience to take you through life. (Thin people have days they eat like this too.)

    I’m not saying it excuses the food, but it’s good when you’re totally aware of it.

  14. Absolutely, learn from mistakes and try to not repeat them. If we dont learn from them the repeating them is a certainty.

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