Decisions Decisions

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Miscellaneous

At a wrestling tournament today, here is the concession stand menu…


A month ago I’d have been fine with it, but not today. Luckily I saw the sheet of paper to the left of that white board which led me to find this…


Triple berry smoothie with scoop of whey, WAY better option for my lunch! And it tastes way (or whey) better too!!

  1. Keep it up Patrick!!!

  2. And I get to keep the cup, bonus!

  3. And yet we wring our hands about the childhood obesity issues when it is adults who choose the menus for them.

    Great decision on the smoothie, Patrick!

  4. Childhood obesity is a tough tackle; parents rights and roles collide on such issues

  5. Karen Ogle says:

    That looks good, Patrick. It reminded me that I haven’t had my shake today.

  6. Gotta get that shake in!

  7. suzanne says:

    Way to go patrick!!!

  8. goingfor96 says:

    Hey man, just found my way here. Great new space!!

  9. Who wants to eat nachos anyhow

  10. Thanks! Amazing what some soap n water will do

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