Patience Patrick

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Miscellaneous

Wearing a shirt that is tight, they are all tight right now. I talked clothes yesterday, don’t worry; this won’t be a habit.

I sit here wanting my clothes to fit and feel as comfy as they did a year ago, and I want that NOW! I don’t want to wait the 30+ days it’ll take for them to feel just a little better, or 3 months when they fit perfect again, or a year for them to be too big and forgotten.

Yet I know I cannot wish what I want to happen now. I must be patient and apply persistence to my behavior; only then will what I want happen in time.

  1. Karen says:

    I want it when I want it too! Part of my mistake has been having clothes with some room in them, like the sloppy outfit I have on today. Too easy to overeat wearing stuff with expansion-ability.

  2. Yes roomy clothes are risky

  3. I understand that fully. When I look at clothes that I wore when I lost weight before, I find myself trying to wish myself thin. But we can’t. We have to do the work to get there.

  4. Caron says:

    So true! We want to reverse what took us months or years to accomplish with a few days of watching what we eat. Would be nice but just wishful thinking. 🙂

  5. Karen Ogle says:

    I don’t have any patience either. I guess that is why I weigh every day. It is like my magic good luck charm. When I weigh in every day and see the progress it gives me what I need to keep going. When there is no progress or the scale is up I get a little antsy and am more likely to slip.

  6. I hung out in baggy, threadbare pants, until I could get into the size I really wanted. I knew I could where 34s since I had lost enough weight before, but gained back into my 38s (snuggly even). So…I held onto those 38s until I got back to the 34s. I would not buy 36s even if they would have looked better on me.

    You’ll get there.

  7. Amanda says:

    It took day after day of poor choices for us to gain the weight and unfortunately it’s going to take day after day of good choices to get where we want to be…just the nature of the beast but I agree that it’s mentally frustrating.

  8. Fine, I’ll do the work!

  9. Exactly , it took years to become obese, can’t get fit and trim in a day

  10. Good thing you got your new scale then 🙂

  11. Looking forward to the 30s, in 44s now

  12. And that frustration is what we are working to never feel or live with again

  13. PATIENCE and consistency Patrick! Didn’t I just write about this for the umteenth time! 😉 Hey, you had them looser & wanting it now or just lack of consistency got them tight again…. it comes off a lot slower than it does coming on as you know so DO NOT let this want it now deter you – I know you will not!!!

  14. These clothes are only going to get looser, never again shall they get tighter on this body

  15. Chrystal says:

    You are 100% correct Patience is needed. They will fit better, then they will be so loose you will have to buy smaller clothes. That day is coming.

    PS thanks for commenting on my blog. I use my crockpot A TON I actually have 3. My commute to work in DC is close to 2 hours, Then I work 9 hours a day. So I live on my crockpot.

    Have a great WEEKEND!!

  16. That is a commute I do not envy, but three crockpots is envious

  17. jo says:

    I love your reply to Jody: “Never again…

    It’s too hard to lose to have to do it over and over again. And it doesn’t get easier as we age.

    Thanks for your comment for me today. I have learned some things. Yay!

  18. Over and over will become over and done!

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