Meet My Gut

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Mission
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2012 – January 5
Weight Jan. 1 302.4
Weight Today 295.6
Difference -6.8
Pounds to Goal 97.6

Keep on swimming, keep on swimming; seems an appropriate chant to embrace as I embark on the next day of this mission… keep on swimming (perhaps inspired by all the water I am drinking)

Now isn’t that a wonderful picture! That is my gut. Gut, meet my bloggy friends… bloggy friends meet my gut. Now don’t get too friendly, one of you wont be around much longer.

Why take the time to show you my gut? It is what my gut is doing to my clothes that I want attention given to.

Just how uncomfortable do I look to you?

If you said ‘quite’ uncomfortable, or, ‘very’ uncomfortable; you’d be in the neighborhood. Myself, I describe my discomfort as ‘this is so damn uncomfortable that I want to crap a cow and do it now’!

Shame on me really. These are the same clothes I wore a year ago and they fit great. The shame comes from the fact that I consciously felt my gut eating away at the comfort of my clothes for much of the late summer, fall and up until now. And I just ignored it!

Our clothes are with us all day long, well for those of you  that sleep naked maybe 2/3s of the day. So 16-24 hours our clothes are a constant reminder of our progress with our weight loss or gain.

Yet we step on the scale once a day or once a week, and we pay way more attention to the scale than we do our clothes. The scale is a fine tool to use. But I would suggest we need to pay more attention to the tools that are our clothes  in our mission to get healthy.

 How do your clothes fit today?

  1. Amanda says:

    Here here! To think, if we had never bought the bigger size shirt, pants, etc. to begin with. For me, if I look back 12 years, what if I hadn’t bought the size 16 skirt for work? What if I hadn’t bought the size 18 pants a couple years later? I’d be in a lot better position today. This morning, however, I wore my new size 12 pants and feel good in them and can breathe and everything. Life is good.

  2. Karen Ogle says:

    My clothes are fitting better than they did last week but I still have a ways to go on my new clothes. I will try them on once a week and see how things are progressing.

  3. Excellent news, bravo for life being good in your size 12!

  4. Great idea planning to try on certain clothes periodically to see how much better (or worse) they fit

  5. Karen Evans says:

    My jeans regularly send me a message-“Get your butt into some sweats and get moving girl!” You’re doing great, I’m sure by this time you’ll be swimming in more than the pool by this time next year-your clothes.,

  6. Swimming in clothes would be a validating reward

  7. Sarah G says:

    Things are fitting well this past week, I’ve been able to shed about 6 lbs that was clogging up my jeans. 🙂

  8. Clogging is one of those words that doesn’t have a place in anything we want, good job removing your clog

  9. Great loss this week! I know your discomfort all too well…when I was young and obese, I fantasized about a zipper that would suddenly appear below my throat that I could just zip down and step out of my “fat suit”. No such luck, but some hard work has created my zipper…your’s will be there too.

  10. Zippers certainly can be dangerous and discouraging, worthy opponents

  11. ann says:

    Hello gut! Good-bye gut! Crapping a cow sounds REALLY uncomfortable. One day at a time my friend.

  12. Chris H says:

    Excellent post.
    I always gauge my progress by the SCALES, but really should do the ‘clothes’ thing.
    I bought a whole new wardrobe… that’s called giving in.
    I refuse to give in again.

  13. Yeah, going to leave the cow where it is now and get rid of it another way

  14. Refuse to give in… An excellent battle cry!!

  15. Deb says:

    Great post. It’s important to pay attention to the right clothes too. I love my yoga pants, but if I start wearing them all the time, it can be a sign I’m avoiding something.

  16. I use the scale BUT my clothes tell me all! 😉

  17. I have the issue with track pant; love them but they don’t do as good of a job telling me I have a problem

  18. If clothes could really talk, oh now how fun would that be?

  19. Karla says:

    Hi Mr Gut, nice to meet you, but I hear your moving out of Patricks neighborhood soon. So I don’t want to ge to know you too well. I don’t mean to be rude. But hasta la vista buddy. 🙂

  20. Hasta la bye bye indeed

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