Daily Report for January 5, 2012

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Daily Report

Daily Report for January 5, 2012

Daily Log
Breakfast 163
Cheese, String 1 Serving 80
Milk, Nonfat/Skim, w/ Add Vit A & D 1 Cup 83
Lunch 526
Bread, Rye, Slice 2 Slices 165
Cheese, Pepper Jack, Slice 1 Slice 90
Dressing, Mayonnaise, Light 1 Tablespoon 50
Pickles, Dill, Slices 4 Each 3
Onion, Vidalia, Fresh, Chpd ⅛ Cup 8
Tomatoes, Fresh, Med ½ Each 11
Soup, Tomato Bisque, Prep f/ Cnd w/ Milk 1 Cup 198
Sauce, Wings Sauce, Buffalo, Frank’s Redhot 1 Tablespoon 0
Dinner 395
Ham, Steak, w/ Natural Juices, Slice, Jones Dairy Farm 8 Ounces 267
Drink, Lemonade, On The Go, Sug Free, Mix, Crystal Light 4 Grams 10
Onion, Green, Chpd, Fresh 2 Tablespoons 2
Broth, Chicken, Prep f/ Cnd w/ Water ⅛ Cup 5
Strawberries, Fresh, Sliced ¼ Cup 13
Banana, Fresh, Med, 7″ To 7 7/8″ Long ½ Each 53
Apples, Fresh, Med, 3″ ⅓ Each 32
Melon, Cantaloupe, Fresh, Cubes ¼ Cup 14
Snacks 65
Water, Purified, Dasani 78 Fluid ounces 0
Drink, Health & Energy Booster, Super Orange, w/ Vitamin C, Emergen-C ⅛ Package 3
Nuts, Almonds, Whole 9 Each 62
Exercise 83
Stairmaster 5 min 83
Fat 44g 34%
Carbohydrates 117g 40%
Protein 74g 25%
Food Calories 1,149
Exercise Calories 83
Net Calories 1,066
+/- Calories -692
Weight 295.6

Percentages are off today but calorie deficit is good. For lunch I wasn’t thrilled with the cafeteria choices and needed a day off salad. So I went with a turkey & cheese on rye and tomato soup. A good option for sure but a carbo packed option as well.

Felt tired all day and overall wasn’t hungry or thirsty either, really forced some water intake just to stay hydrated in case I may have a cold invading my good mood. Fingers crossed that isn’t the case.

Been all over the sites on my blog roll this week and lots of good progress this week by all there; a successful new year is underway!

  1. Good job Patrick! I hear you on salads & I am actually not a fan.. you can always take off 1 slice of the bread & add in more of the inside stuff – although I love rye bread! 😉

  2. Yeah rye bread is a unique pleasure

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