Posted: January 3, 2012 in Miscellaneous

8 homemade chocolate mint chocolate chip cookies were left on my desk at work by a do-good coworker, a friend, as a welcome back treat I suppose.

Had my 1 watering mouth eaten these 8 tempting treats from my ‘friend’,…

Five Hundred nearly empty useless sorry calories – minimum!

I didn’t eat them, not a one. I looked at them allot as they sat on my desk all day long. Silly torture I know.

Now they are safely in my coat pocket on their way home for teenagers to determine what becomes of these 8 diet crushing disks of doom.

What do you think they will do with them?

  1. Karen Ogle says:

    They will be devoured of course, but you will then be safe. 🙂

  2. suzanne says:

    They’ll be gone before you can say Eeyore 🙂

  3. Carla says:

    You are a strong, strong man Patrick! Those cookies made my mouth water just looking at them.

  4. We gotta be able to stare down cookies to have a chance here, today man won!

  5. My mouth is cursing me out a bit even though the cookies are out of sight now

  6. Karen Evans says:

    You sir are my role model!

  7. Well done on staying so strong!!! Makes you wonder if that is a friend or not?? Co-workers are a phenomena in my mind. You never know what their going to do to ruin your day.

  8. Amanda says:

    You’re a stronger man than I am. Good job!

  9. Strong enough to defeat cookies today, tomorrow, ice cream!

  10. OMG you are strong!!!!

  11. I got these muscles from curling cookies, time to show the cookies who is boss

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