Daily Report for January 1, 2012

Posted: January 1, 2012 in Daily Report

Daily Report for January 1, 2012

Daily Log
Breakfast 242
Greek Yogury, Fage 1 Serving 130
Apples, Fresh, Med, 3″ 1 Each 95
Whey Protein, Body Fortress ⅛ Scoop 18
Lunch 256
Roasted Chicken with White & Wild Rice, Campbell’s 2 Servings 200
Cheese, Colby & Monterey Jack, Shredded 2 Tablespoons 55
Onion, Green, Chpd, Fresh 1 Tablespoon 1
Dinner 928
Pasta, Gnocchi, Rienzi 8 Ounces 800
Maranara Sauce, Kirkland ½ Cup 40
Garlic, Cloves, Fresh 1 Each 4
Lobster, Northern, Stmd 3 Ounces 83
Snacks 145
Water, Tap 5 Cups 0
Nuts, Almonds, Whole 16 Each 110
Mandarin Oranges, Clementine, Fresh 1 Each 35
Exercise 192
Walking 20 min 96
Weight Lifting 20 min 96
Fat 20g 11%
Carbohydrates 263g 66%
Protein 89g 22%
Food Calories 1,571
Exercise Calories 192
Net Calories 1,379
+/- Calories -423
Weight 302.4

All that matters today is that I was under my +/- calories was a negative number.

The nutrient percentages are way off ideal, when the calories were consumed not ideal.

But for the first day back at it, I’ll take it and start working on edging towards ideal eating over the coming days.

  1. Karla says:

    Omg Patrick!!!! Long time no see 🙂 love the new house…. Lol

    Happy Ne Year

  2. Chris H says:

    Hi mate. I hope the new wordpress blog is good for ya.
    Where do you go to calculate your calories?
    Although I am going to do Weight Watchers Pro Points this year, I might be interested in counting calories too… it can’t hurt!
    I see what you mean about your percentages are a bit off…far too many carbs. But as you are aware of that, then you can sort it out eh?

  3. Chris, I use http://www.loseit.com/
    Actually I use their iPhone app. It’s become allot easier as I can scan bar codes with it for faster look up.

  4. Looks like a fabulous first day!

  5. teresa says:

    When I was charting my calories, I was losing.
    I’m back to it too.
    I do love the new year.
    You’re off to a good start!
    Now we just make each day count.

  6. Carla says:

    Hi Patrick, I am also using the Loseit! app! I think it’s great. How do you get those nice little reports posted on your blog?

  7. I use the LoseIt app for my iPhone, and there under “More”, “Summary Reports”, you can select daily or weekly reports and email them to yourself. So I email the daily one right to my blog and it posts automatically the way you see it above.

  8. Nice to see you too 🙂

  9. Happy with the wordpress so far, onward indeed

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